Here you get access to some sides related to a meta corporation of the Massive-Multi-Online-Player-Game EVE-Online. Please feel free to register and get access to the corporation sides of ''. The corporation is currently running a couple of projects in EVE Online and we would be happy if you will join our corporation.

'' is a laid back, role playing, tax free, high sec mining, industry, mission-running and transport company located in Alkez, region Derelek in the constellation Hevaka. It's a meta corporation besides the in-game corporation. The company is always looking for new players. No special rules apply. Everybody can do whatever he want, except ganking: You can do your thing alone or with corp mates. If you've an idea for a project, announce it and maybe some corp mates will join and help you.

'' is a start up corporation and offers the opportunity to build something new! New players welcome!

Project of the month December: 'Buy a Mackinaw'. Finished!

Project of the month June: 'Buy a Charon'. Finished!


For registration you need only a vaild e-mail address.


Use a HTML5 compatible browser. EVEs online browser is not HTML5 ready!